ROSEMARY CAFE - Come Home for Breakfast & Lunch
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Breakfast is served until 10:30 AM
Menu items may be limited after 10 AM

RC Breakfast Sandwich
Ham or bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato, and avocado grilled on ciabatta

Monte Cristo 
Triple decker ham, turkey, cheddar, and swiss sandwich with a little cranberry. Dipped in egg and grilled
(think French toast). Served with rosemary potatoes .

Simple Sandwich 
Two hard fried eggs on buttered white toast — this one is simple and good

Everybody’s Breakfast* 
Two eggs cooked your way served with rosemary potatoes, and a slice of toast 
Add meat (ham bacon or sausage patty ) for 2.50

Grilled Breakfast Burrito 
Eggs, sausage, red  potatoes, cheddar, onions, black olives, and salsa scrambled together, rolled in a tortilla and grilled. Served with a side of sour cream 

The Mountain 
Ham or bacon, red potatoes, onions, and cheddar scrambled together and topped with a hard fried egg. 
 Served with a slice of toast  

French Toast 
Three slices our ciabatta French toast and two strips of bacon served with real maple syrup .

Bowl o’ Oats
Big bowl of hot oatmeal with brown sugar, warm milk, applesauce and a slice of toast.
Add craisins or nuts for .75 each 

Veggie Scramble* 
Veggies and eggs scrambled together and topped with cheese. Served with rosemary potatoes and a slice of toast.

Veggies Choose up to four 
Tomatoes - Black Olives - Onions - Mushrooms  -  Roasted Red Peppers  -Spinach - Pesto - Garlic 
Cheese Choose one
Cheddar - Provolone Swiss - Cream Cheese 
Want more veggies? Add .75 each 
Want meat?  Add diced ham, chopped bacon or crumbled sausage for 2.25

Meat Scramble* 
Meat and eggs scrambled together and topped with cheese. Served with rosemary potatoes and a slice of toast.

Meat Choose one 
Bacon - Ham - Sausage 

Cheese Choose one 
Cheddar - Provolone Swiss - Cream Cheese

Want veggies? Add .75 each 


Bacon, ham steak or sausage patties                                               3.25
Slice of toast - Whole Wheat - Rye - White or Sourdough           1.25
Rosemary Potatoes                                                                           3.00
One Egg                                                                                             2.00

Split orders or Extra Plate

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